In today’s digital age, finding a simple solution to data storage can be daunting. This is especially true when considering large amounts of data, which need to be efficiently stored and easily retrieved when necessary. Technology today allows for impeccable detail in media, but those details equate to lots of digital space. There are several simple solutions to this modern problem.

Store Large Amounts Of Data The Easiest Way

The easiest way to store large amounts of data is with an external hard drive. This is a type of external storage device that connects to your computer via USB. You can then put a copy of all your files on it and transfer the hard drive to a secure location physically separate from where your computer is kept.

Store large amounts of data on an external hard drive

External hard drives are relatively affordable, usually come pre-assembled, and are easy to use. They are an ideal solution for backing up and storing data that will not change often. However, if you plan to update your stored files on a frequent basis, this may quickly become a cumbersome process.

Storing Data In The Cloud

Another easy solution involves storing your data in the cloud. The cloud consists of multiple physical locations where digital data is stored in logical pools by a hosting company. These cloud storage providers will protect and manage each location on the user’s behalf, keeping the data accessible. Unlike with an external hard drive, your files will be backed up automatically, eliminating the need to remember.

The Drobo Solution

Storing more than 3,000 gigabytes of data calls for a special solution. Since this is too much media to keep in a single location, using multiple drives becomes necessary. This is where Drobo comes in. Drobo allows you to store four to eight hard drives on a single external storage device, including one for backup. If one drive fails, your data will still be safe.