Data storage has become more cost-effective than ever. And with digitization of photographic and textual documents and books moving full steam, the question – how do I store my data? – should be on everyone’s mind. Because what we actually mean by that is how to store data securely, quickly, and conveniently.

Online Vs Offline Storage

Like everything in life, both online and offline storage solutions have their positives and negative. Online storage depends on the bandwidth and speed of your internet connection, whether you want to put your privacy into the hands of large corporations, and whether you are sure you won’t lose the account information with which you access your online storage services. ‘ How do I store my data? ‘is there to weigh the pros and the cons.

On the other hand, offline storage solution is basically you buying various types of storage devices: HDD, SDD, SD, USB memory sticks, etc. You have complete control over your privacy and security, but both of those can be violated. You can never quite elevate your security and privacy measures to the level of large, professional cloud services which employ hardware and security measures completely out of reach of an average consumer.

Cloud Dependence Is The Future

For better or worse, cloud services are so cheap and reliable, and for most purposes actually free, that it is becoming exceedingly difficult to advocate for more conventional offline storage solutions. The most common concern when dealing with cloud services is privacy, but you can always encrypt your data before you upload it. Furthermore, the companies that offer these services would go bankrupt if it turned up that they engaged in any malicious or incompetent behavior. That alone is enough incentive to keep things running efficiently and securely.

Currently, the most reliable and convenient cloud/online storage and sharing services are: Microsoft’s OneDrive – it comes integrated with Windows 10, so you only have to access it. It then acts as any file folder on your system. OneDrive offers 5GB for free, and if you buy the Office 365 Home suite, you get an enormous 5TB. Second best storage is Dropbox with 2GB for free, and as much space as you need for $18 per month. Lastly, Google’s GoogleDrive offers you 15GB for free, topping with 10TB for $100 per month. Each service offers intermediary pricing plans, so you can find what is best suited for your needs.

How do I store my data? Which storage solution to choose?

Backup And Sharing Has Never Been Easier

The question – how do I store my data? – has never been easier to answer. In the past, you always had to compromise between the convenience and the peace of mind offered by backups, but no more. Now, all you have to do is drop what you want to share/backup into Dropbox/OneDrive/GoogleDrive folder and you are done. You can even keep those folders as default working folders for all your data, so the daily operation and the backup/sharing is completely integrated. Such convenience is truly unprecedented.