Depending on the information load and the size of the business in question, businesses tend to choose between cloud and dedicated servers. Hosting on a cloud server is relatively cheap while purchasing and operating a dedicated server can be costly. However, it is safer and provides additional speed and functionality. Keep reading and find out more about the difference and which option you should choose.

Cloud and Physical Servers – The Differences And Similarities

Both cloud and physical servers give the end user a space to host their data and website and allow certain degrees of security, speed and stability. Cloud servers use shared hardware, which is shared between various users, while dedicated servers are 100% dedicated to your business. Small and medium businesses can usually meet the needs of their workload with a cloud server. Dedicated servers are best for large businesses that require high levels of security and speed, or need the server running around the clock.

Choose wisely between cloud and physical servers for your business

Dedicated servers have the advantage of being completely dedicated to your operation, meaning that any change you want to make, any update, restart or shutdown is completely up to you. In most cases, dedicated servers are managed by in-house IT experts who must keep them in good shape and can update them at will. These are the main advantages that big businesses get from having a dedicated server.

Should I Choose A Cloud Or Dedicated Server?

The choice between a cloud server and a dedicated server is up to the end user. Most smaller businesses will be just fine with a cloud server, sharing hardware with other users, and an external company taking care of the servers. If the scope of information you have is very large, your traffic is increasing, or you need extra security, then thinking about a dedicated server is certainly a good idea.

How Do I Make My Final Choice?

When just starting out with any business online, choosing a cloud server will usually not be a mistake. Consult experts as your traffic and the scope of information increases. Over time, moving to a dedicated server may be the right idea. On the other hand, if you are starting up a business that is likely to deal with large amounts of traffic and data right away, then a dedicated server may also be the right first choice.